Week of March 19th


- Pre UIL is Thursday, March 29th at Sachse High School.  Symphonic Band performs at 3:00, Wind Ensemble at 4:00 and Wind Symphony at 5:00.  Each band will have a different CALL.  Concert Uniform is solid black for the ladies and solid black jacket/pants with white button down shirts (and bow ties) for the guys.  Please see Mr. Ramirez if you need a jacket.  

- We have begun entering dates for the 2018/2019 school year.  Please take time to check out what is in store for the GHS Band next year.  

- You can make paymets to your student’s band account through PayPal.  Please use the account/email ghsmobboosters@yahoo for directing your payment.  It is IMPERATIVE that you include your student’s name in the Description Box or you will not receive credit for the payment.  CLICK HERE.

Please make sure your information is updated in CHARMS.  With GHS under construction and our temporary use of other campuses, changes to rehearsals might happen.  The band will send messages through CHARMS as well as update the CHARMS calendar.  If your information is incorrect, you will miss out on important information.  

- Keep track of your schedule using the Calendar link.  There are instructions on how to sync the calendar to your personal device if needed.  


Monday - Symphonic (SYM) Woodwinds 3:00-4:30
                Wind Ensemble (WE)  Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Alto 3:00-4:00
                Wind Symphony (WS) Saxophone 3:00-4:00
                Percussion 5:00-7:30
                Winterguard 5:30-7:30

Tuesday - SYM Low Reeds, Low Brass 3:00-4:00
                WE Woodwind 3:00-4:00
                WS Trumpet 3:00-4:00
                WS Low Brass 3:00-4:00
                Winterguard 5:30-7:30

Wednesday - SYM Brass 3:00-4:30
                     WE Percussion 3:00-4:00
                     WS Flute, Oboe 3:00-4:00
                     WS Horn 3:30-4:30
                     Winterguard @ GISD Showcase (Sachse HS) Perform 5:40
                     Percussion 7:30-9:30

Thursday - TFME Meeting (Choir Room) 3:00
                  SYM Flute, Oboe 3:00-4:00
                  WE Brass 3:00-4:00
                  WS Clarinet 3:00-4:00
                  Winterguard 5:30-7:30
                  AVAPA New Parent Meeting (Cafeteria) 6:30 PM

Friday - Homework & Practice!!!

Saturday - Winterguard 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
                 Jazz Band @ Collin College Jazz Contest