List of GHS required mallets for ALL percussionists.  (Click HERE)
Lonestar Percussion has a special page for GHS percussionists.  (Click

***Students are expected to have required mallets (IN CLASS) by November 28th.  

Garland Owl Drumline/Sideline (G.O.D.S.)

- Congratulations to the Garland Owl Drumline & Sideline (G.O.D.S.) for earning 3rd place overall in the Percussion Caption at the Mesquite Marching Invitational on October 1st.  

- Congratulations to the Garland Owl Drumline & Sideline (G.O.D.S.) for earning 1st place in their division at the HEB Drumline Contest on September 17th.  They also received two caption awards in their division Outstanding Tenorline and Outstanding Front Ensemble.   

Below are the dates and time of the clinics and auditions for the 2017 G.O.D.S.

- May 10th & 11th - Band Placement Auditions (Incoming 8th graders are between 5:30-7:00 on the 10th, and current high schoolers are at 3:00 on the 11th.)  YOU MUST AUDITION FOR BAND BEFORE YOU CAN AUDITION FOR DRUMLINE.

UIL 020

- May 17th - Drumline Clinic I (Tenors 4:00-5:00; Snare 5:00-6:00; Bass Drum 6:00-7:00)

- May 20th - Drumline Clinic II (Snare/Tenors 1:00-2:00; Bass Drum 2:00-3:00)

- May 23rd - Drumline Audition Round 1 (RETURNING students 3:00-5:30; NEW students 5:30-6:30)

- May 24th - Drumline Audition Round 2 (Snare 5:00-6:00; Bass Drum 6:00-7:00) ***You will be notified by email of your need to be at Round 2.  

Drumline & Sideline wing 5

Garland Chamber Percussion

The 2017 Chamber Show was a great success this year.  Thank you to all the came out and support the students.  We would like to send an extra thank you to those patrons that came to our Thursday show and helped make it a SELL OUT.  

Stay tuned for more information about 2018.