List of GHS required mallets for ALL percussionists.  (Click HERE)
Lonestar Percussion has a special page for GHS percussionists.  (Click

***Students are expected to have required mallets (IN CLASS) by November 28th.  

Garland Owl Drumline/Sideline (G.O.D.S.)

Auditions for the 2018 G.O.D.S. are coming up.  Please make sure you are familiar with all information.

- ALL students must first audition for Band Placement within the GHS band program.  This is the GISD Audition Music.  
- Attendance at ALL drumline workshops is mandatory if you are seeking a position on the drumline. There are two workshops May 16th & 19th.  Please see the CHARMS calendar for more information.  
- Phase I of drumline auditions will be May 22nd.  Some students will be “called back” to audition in Phase II.  Make sure all your information is updated in CHARMS as that will be the only form of communication.  
- Please familiarize yourself with the Summer Rehearsal Calendar the is available through CHARMS.  

Drumline & Sideline wing 5

Garland Chamber Percussion

The 2017 Chamber Show “Chamer Things” was a huge success.  Thank you to all the came out and supported the students.  See you next year.

Chamber Things Logo


2015 - 3rd place - Small Standstill B - Lewisville Drumline Invitational

2016 - 1st place - 6A Novice - HEB Drumline Contest
          Caption Awards - Tenors & Front Ensemble

2016 - 3rd place - Overall Percussion Caption - Mesquite Marching Invitational

2017 - 2nd place - 6A Novice - HEB Drumline Contest

2017 - 2nd place - A Standstill Div II - Plano Drumline Contest

2017 - 1st place - Group V - US Bands Southwestern Championships
          Outstanding Perucssion Caption in Group V  (5th place overall)